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UFC President Dana White Has Beef With Showtime, Not Strikeforce

Dana White cleared the air at yesterday's UFC 102 pre-fight press conference in regards to how he feels about the Strikeforce promotion.  Here's what he had to say:

I’m not anti-Strikeforce, I don’t dislike those guys," said White following the press conference. "I dislike Showtime, that’s who I dislike. I think they’re di-ks, I don’t like them. I don’t like their attitude; they think they are better than they really are. They’ve been second-rate at boxing, they’ve been second-rate at programming and now they think they are great at mixed martial arts and my fight is with them, not with Strikeforce.

The guy over at Showtime who I’m talking about knows who he is and I dislike him very much and my beef is with him, not really Strikeforce.

I'm still pretty sure that Scott Coker and company didn't enjoy being called "Strikefarce".  I wonder if Dana White if talking about Showtime's Ken Hershman who had some things to say after the last Strikeforce event that aired on showtime.  Check it:

Let me put everything to rest here -- the Fedor deal is entirely manageable, it will be very, very workable for everyone including Fedor," he said. "He is very well taken care of, but it’s a very responsible deal -- no one’s going out of business because of it. It’s all silliness, and I’ll tell you, if the UFC is good at anything, they are good at spreading a lot of nonsense.

At any rate, Dana White says that he has some things in store for Showtime:

They sucked at boxing, they got their a-- kicked by HBO always at boxing yet they tried to stay in it," said White. "They got their a-- kicked by HBO in programming, but they’re still around and they’re going to get their a-- kicked in mixed martial arts too, just not by HBO.

Dana White hinted at a possible TV deal in regards to the match up between BJ Penn and Diego Sanchez, so we'll have to see how all this pans out. 

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