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BJ Penn vs. Diego Sanchez On Network TV In November?

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Via MMAWeekly:

UFC president Dana White on Thursday said a third UFC event was in the works for November, featuring a headlining bout between lightweight champion B.J. Penn and Diego Sanchez.

What may really peak interest is that he said the event was neither a pay-per-view nor a Spike televised affair, lending credence to strong speculation of a long coveted network television deal.

"Wait and see boys... if I can pull this one off," he said.

If it's not a PPV event, and it's not on Spike TV then where else could the event air?  it's not going to air on ESPN, so that leaves a couple of other options I suppose.  Give me your thoughts.  By the way, November is going to be one of the most awesome months in MMA history even if this doesn't air on network tv.