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Quoteworthy: Strikeforce HW Brett Rogers Thinks Brock Lesnar Is Overrated

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Brett Rogers speaks to MMA Fanhouse about getting the opportunity to face Fedor, and also speaks on Brock Lesnar:  Check it:

It has been suggested recentlythat Fedor is dodging the best the UFC has to offer by not signing with them. Do you agree?
No. Fedor can fight whoever he wants, the way I see it. I'm pretty sure it was a different situation with the UFC versus Strikeforce. Coming to Strikeforce, you know, was definitely a little different swing, I guess you can say. But as far as the heavyweights over there, I mean, what heavyweight over there is so special besides -- who? -- Brock [Lesnar]. Everybody compares Brock as if he is the second-best heavyweight in the world, and I see different, and Brock is from my hometown. So competition-wise it's no different.

Do you think Brock Lesnar is overrated?
Yeah. Yeah, actually, I do. Brock is overrated. I mean, look at how many fights he's had; he's had a handful fights. He's only showcased that he's just a wrestler and a ground-and-pounder. I mean, he hasn't fought anybody the same size as him. So it's going to get to that point when that happens it really is going to showcase Brock's talent.

He speaks on training for Fedor:

Will you study a lot of Fedor's past fights in preparing for this bout?
Oh yeah. I've been watching a handful of his fights, but the ones I'm really going to concentrate on are his last five, because those are the ones that really matter, you know? Going way back in time, those are the ones that he improves his skills. I want to see where he's at right now. So he has some loopholes. When he gets excited that's when can get caught. That's the way I see it, especially if he wants to stand and bang with me. Otherwise, I can see a ground-and-pound game, too. I'm definitely not going to allow him to lead the fight. That's just not happening.

Are you ready to fight Fedor on the ground?
Yeah, I'm definitely preparing for it. He loves jiu-jitsu, and I mean, jiu-jitsu is good but you have to catch somebody for that. I've definitely been working on getting out of submissions, and most importantly, standing up. It's tough taking somebody down, and [if] you don't succeed in that, it tires you out. So I'm going to shoot for that and keep my weight on him.

On beating Fedor:

How do you envision this fight ending?
I'm going to knock him out. He's going to give me his chin, somehow, someway. He's going to get sloppy with that overhand right that he loves to do or he'll try to shoot in for a takedown, and I'll catch him with either a knee or an uppercut ... something. I'm going to drop him. I want the crowd to go (gasp). I want to get that reaction out of people. So I can't wait.

If you beat Fedor, that will probably go down as one of the biggest ...
I'm God then. I'm the God of MMA. I'll become the God of MMA, right? Isn't that how it goes? I'm the soul snatcher; I'm the grim. I'll take all his wins and put them under my belt, and then everybody can just hush up.

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