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Dana White:"George St. Pierre Is Too Small To Fight Anderson Silva"

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In a recent interview with the Oregonian, Dana White gave his thoughts on several match ups including George St. Pierre vs. Anderson Silva. White has been preaching Anderson Silva as best pound for pound fighter in the world, and talks of George St. Pierre moving up in weight to challenge him began to service after his massacre of BJ Penn at UFC 94. Dana White was once a supporter of making that fight happen, however, it seems that Anderson Silva's destruction of former UFC LHW champion Forrest Griffin has decreased his desire to make that fight happen.

This is what he had to say and he favors making Anderson Silva fight Lyoto Machida over George St. Pierre:

There was a time when I said oh..that GSP fight would be interesting, GSP is too small for him. After I saw him with Forrest Griffin at 205lbs...yea..this guy...him and Machida is a fun fight.

So unless GSP takes the time to add some pounds to his frame, it doesn't seem like we'll get to see that fight anytime soon. White seemed particularly bullish on making the Anderson Silva/Lyoto Machida fight in this interview, Silva has openly stated that he would not fight Machida. So we'll have to see how that plays out. Also, GSP probably walks around at 20 pounds less than Anderson Silva. The same could be said for Couture/Lesnar, yet that fight was competitive. In my opinion, GSP(besides Machida) would pose the largest threat to Anderson Silva. What GSP lacks in size compared to Forrest Griffin, he more than makes up for in speed and wrestling ability. So hopefully that's a fight we'll get to see down the road. Do you think GSP is too small to fight Anderson Silva? Hit up the poll or comments section...or both.