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Zuffa Will Be Choosing Fighters To Feature In Video Blogs Instead Of Dana White

That's the word according to Dana White himself. He tweeted the following:

I'm not doing blogs anymore we are doing a featured fighter on fight weeks. Randy couture blog this week check youtube

Of course we posted the video blog for Randy Couture earlier this week, and if you missed it you can watch it hereEarlier this month, Dana White announced that he wasn't going to do video blogs prior to UFC events as he had done in the past.  There were rumors of him doing a documentary of sorts with HBO among other things that never came to fruition.  Some of the video blogs that featured the UFC president were good, while others were pretty pointless.  However, I think this is a good idea to feature fighters themselves.  I think one thing to improve that idea though is to have fighters involved in the main event and co-main events all featured in video blogs, instead of just one fighter inparticular.

So for all you fans that wondered why Dana White isn't doing video blogs anymore, this is at least one reason why that's the case.