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Randy Couture Thinks The Winner of Couture/Nogueira Could Get A Title Shot

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According to MMAWeekly:

When the dust settles they'll decide what they want to do.  Everybody is talking about 205 and this, that and the other thing.  That stuff will all be there.  It will take care of itself, but it sounds like this may be a title elimination type of deal where it will put us back in the number one contenders status.

I don't think I'd be too opposed to either fighter getting one more shot at glory with a win at UFC 102.  Obviously both fighters are legends and find a way to beat the odds in more ways than not.  I'm sure the UFC hype machine could find a way to build a re-match between Couture/Lesnar as well as Nogueira/Lesnar.  The outcome of the upcoming Lesnar/Carwin fight might have some bearing on the situation if Carwin is able to upset Brock Lesnar later this year. 

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