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Warriors of the Ring Results & Thoughts

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Warriors of the Ring presented by Battlegroup International took place this past Saturday and yours truly was in attendance for the show.  First off I would like to thank Brian from BinaTKO for the press pass and for being one of the people that put this together.  Here are the results:

Chris Smith def. Carl Stevens Decision

Christian Soto def. Corey Huie via Submission 1st 0:38

Keith Hulin def. Nghi Bui Submission 1st 1:25

Me'shack Adams def. Ricardo Olvera Decision

Kevin Hulin def. Richard Riggins II Submission 1st 0:53

Josh Leonard def. Daniel Terry Submission 1st 1:24

Sebastian Wojdak  def. Matthew Hawks TKO/RSC 1st 1:46

Brian Moretz def.  William Hedgecoe Submission 1st 1:40

Ric Humphries def.  Justin Dalton Submission 1st 2:16

Anthony Johnson def. Steven Banks Decision

Since the good bulk of the fights were amateur bouts, the weights were kind of funny but for the most part these were fought at lighter weights (145 range).  I must say the fighters that impressed me the most were Chris Soto and Sebastian Wojdak.  Soto basically stunned his opponent with a big strike (couldn't see exactly what it was due to people standing up) and then took his opponent down and mounted him, his opponent quickly gave up his back and Soto sunk in a rear naked choke.  That was the case for many of the fighters, I guess guys just hate being mounted and punched, so the good bulk of the submissions on this card were rear naked chokes.  Wojdak didn't look the part but was a killer with the strikes.  He was very patient and didn't just start winging like some of the others on the card but once he attacked, his opponent had no answer.  And the final match up of the night had some BIG boys in it.  Anthony Johnson weighed in at about 315 pounds, I didn't think the ring was going to be able to contain 'em but luckily it did.  I feel sorry for the people in the front row because one of  Johnson's kicks sent a tidal wave of sweat from Banks' belly.  I must say this show was well worth the trip over and really puts into perspective the amount of MMA that goes on in North Carolina.  Oh yeah, and the two boxing