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PPV Outlook: How Many Buys For UFC 102?

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This is a decent card on paper with some intriguing match ups. There are rumors that UFC 101 exceeded expectations and quite possibly got near or over one million ppv buys. I thought that card would do somewhere around 600k, so that's amazing if those reports turn out to be true. I suppose some of that success can be attributed to some spill over from UFC 100, which I mentioned as a possibility earlier this month. You can also attribute some of that success to having a show on the east coast, and all of the news outlets that provided coverage for the event when they normally don't for the west coast shows. However, I don't know if UFC 102 can continue the high marks set by UFC 100 and 101. Randy Couture has been a solid ppv draw for Zuffa, so I expect this event to draw somewhere in the 500-600K range. Which would be great considering the circumstances. This is the second UFC ppv within the same month, and there's no title fight. Although the main event is a strong one, the co-main event is rather weak in my opinion and Thiago Silva doesn't really have any name recognition. What's your prediction on how many ppv buys for UFC 102?

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