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Countdown To UFC 102 To Air Thursday Night At 11pm EST On Spike TV


The Countdown To UFC 102 will air on Thursday night at 11pm EST on Spike TV.  This time slot is a little different than the past few countdowns that have either aired on the Monday or Tuesday prior to the UFC event.  It'll be interesting to see the rating for the show, as the past few shows have done really well.  The UFC may be trying to switch things up a bit, as there's a rumor that ticket sales have been slower than past events.  The UFC could be looking to recoup that money via PPV, which could be influenced with a good countdown show a couple of days before the event opposed to almost a week as usual. 

The weigh in's will be on Friday at 7pm EST/4pm PST, and you'll be able to watch them live right here at MMA4real.  Also, don't forget to join us for the UFC 102 open thread and discussion as we always do for major MMA events.

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