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UFC Looking To Host More UK Shows In 2010

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UFC UK President Marshall Zelaznik spoke with Fighters Only about next year's UK goals:

We didn’t deliberately cut back our UK schedule in 2009, it just worked out that we only had two shows. But in 2010 we are looking to be busy in Britain.

We definitely want to do Liverpool and Nottingham in 2010. Any city that has a suitable venue capable of holding more than 9,000 spectators, we are interested in.

We want to go to Scotland as soon as possible but at present there is no venue there that can accommodate us. But we are going to go back to Dublin in 2010.

Zuffa has hosted UFC 93, UFC 95, UFC 99 and will host UFC 105 across the pond in 2009.  So you fans overseas can look for more events coming your way next year.  Zelaznik says that they want to go back to Germany again next year, albeit in a different city, so it'll be interesting to see how the Germans will react.  Of course, Zuffa was met with some resistance there before ultimately going through with what turned out to be a successful show.  Next year seems as if it'll just be another year in which Zuffa lays more footprints in their goals of taking the UFC worldwide.