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Does Shane Carwin Really Hate Brock Lesnar?

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Shane Carwin cemented himself as a legitimate contender with his come from behind win over former #1 contender Gabriel Gonzaga at UFC 96.  He knew he was in the mix due to his sheer size, as well has his ability to put his opponents away quickly.  So when Brock Lesnar dispatched Frank Mir at UFC 100, Carwin was quick to get his two cents in on the champions post fight antics:

I think hate is a strong word, but yeah, I hate what he did after UFC 100...I hate that he disrespected the greatest sporting fans in the world and I can't wait to fight him. ... Really it comes down to respect and I do not think that he respects the sport or the fans of this sport. He may be well known, but fame does not equal respect.

Ehh. I suppose Carwin has never had close to 15,000 people boo him because he just won a fight in devastating fashion?  If anyone was being disrespectful, it was probably the fans that were booing him in my opinion.  The guy went out there and did what he had to do to beat an opponent that didn't give him any respect during the build up to the fight.  In regards to Lesnar earning respect, I think you have to give him the nod considering what he has been able to accomplish in 5 fights.  What say you, and how do you see the Carwin/Lesnar showdown  going at UFC 106?

HT: Sports Illustrated