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North Carolina: Gracie State Championships




The Gracie State Championships will be held on September, 12th, in Concord, North Carolina for the very first time.  The event time will be from 9am-6pm EST, and will take place at Concord High School.  The weigh in's will take place on September, 11th, from 11am-9pm at the Hampton Inn Concord / Kannapolis.  Weigh in's will be without the GI and kid's will not need to weigh in as they will be matched up on the day of the event at 8am.  The divisions are as follows:

-Kid's GI

-Kid's NO-GI

-Kid's GI and NO-GI

-Adult's GI

-Adult's NO-GI

-Adult's GI and NO-GI

You can visit this link in regards to ticket information.  Also, Don't forget to type in the PROMO Code for a monetary discount. The Code is "online_10".