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Report: Denis Kang vs. Michael Bisping And Dan Hardy vs. Dong Hyun Kim Possible At UFC 105

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Both accounts are via Fighters Only Magazine:

Denis Kang has been offered a fight with Michael Bisping at UFC 105, Fighters Only has been able to confirm.

A reputable Canadian source contacted on Friday evening (British time) confirmed that the bout was in the works.

"Denis has been offered the fight so I presume Michael has as well," the source said. "Nothing has been signed yet but yes, that is the fight that has been offered."


Korean standout Dong Hyun Kim is in discussions to face Dan ‘The Outlaw’ Hardy at UFC 105, Fighters Only has learned.

A source in Seoul tells us that the South Korean welterweight was offered the fight this week and has provisionally accepted.

I'm liking these two match ups a great deal.  A win for Kang over Bisping would be another step for him to rebuild himself, and he also has a decent following across the pond.  The Kim/Hardy match up is just good match making, in that both are up and comers and are a couple of wins aways from being mentioned as contenders.  Can Hardy stop Kim's take downs, and can Kim withstand Hardy's stand up game?  Also, this event is rumored to be on Spike TV as we reported a while back here.  Give us your thoughts.