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Shane Carwin To Possibly Get A Title Shot At UFC 106

New, 10 comments is reporting that Shane Carwin's next fight will be a title shot against UFC heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar (4-1) at UFC 106 on November 21st in Las Vegas. Interesting to note that Shane Carwin (11-0) posted the following on his website:

"Lots of talk going around right now. It seems to stem from a twitter post out of MN. I can't confirm or deny anything I can just tell you guys that I am training harder then ever and your support and loyalty will carry me through any fight they send my way. With you guys on my side I am ready for whatever happens. Stay tuned to the site or for any official news about me."

 Looks like Cain Velasquez will get a little more time to develop after all. This could be an explosive matchup for as long as it lasts (both guys have a tendancy to get the job done quickly). What are your thoughts on this matchup, if true?