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Strikeforce News: Fabricio Werdum Talks Submitting Mike Kyle And ADCC

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Fabricio Werdum talks using the guillotine to submit Mike Kyle at last weekends Strikeforce event via Graciemag:

I don’t usually do the guillotine, it’s too hard. But I saw the position come up and I pulled guard, because if I didn’t sink it there, I could go for a triangle, an armbar or sweep. I was really confident the guillotine was snug, though.

Also, Werdum apparently lived with Mike Kyle for 40 day while training with Mirko Cro Cop in Croatia, but didn't remember who Kyle was when his manager presented the fight to him:

My manager came up to me and asked whether I knew Mike Kyle. I said no. Some time later, like a week before the fight, I had a shock: ‘Shoot! I was with that guy for 40 days when I lived for two years with Mirko [Cro Cop].’ We trained in the same house, ate and trained together, I just didn’t remember.

He must have still been trying to recover from that Liu Kang uppercut that Dos Santos hit him with at UFC 90.  Werdum talks about competing at ADCC:

This year I want to win my category and the absolute. That’s my objective. I’m already the champion of the over 99kg division, but I want to win the absolute, it’s a dream of mine. I love grappling without the gi

I'm thinking they may give Werdum the fight with Fedor.  I don't have any inside knowledge or anything, but it's just a hunch I have.  I'd love to see Brett Rogers get the shot, but I saw a recent interview with him on yesterday and I think they are going to try and build him up with one more fight before Fedor.  I know that sounds risky, but some eyeballs saw Werdum beat Mike Kyle this past weekend so they just might go with that considering it was a quick win and Fedor will be fighting in either October or November.  Am I right?