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Women's MMA: Erin Toughill Calls Out Marloes Coenen And Cris "Cyborg" Santos

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You all remember the video of Marloes Coenen I posted the other day, where she was basically saying she was next in line to fight Cris "Cyborg" Santos?  It's right here in case you missed it.  Well, Erin Toughill is basically calling her out on a ton of stuff, and says if she fought "Cyborg" for the title that belt would be going back home to Las Vegas with her.  Toughill is a veteran MMA fighter and also has some pro boxing experience.  She even fougt Laila Ail back in 2005 and also was "Steel" on American Gladiators last year.  Check out what Toughill posted on the UG in regards to Strikeforce, Marloes Coenen, and Cyborg Santos:

I want to shed a little more light on the subject in case people did not read my interviews or know what went on with my fight. My contract was NOT settled in time for the fight Aug 15th. My "stand in" contract was never settled. Contrary to what *someone* is saying, WEIGHT was NOT an issue as to why I would not fight. My last fight I weighed under 145, so it was nothing like that.

Marloes (and Golden Glory) were starting rumors that she was going to fight me Aug 15th, which was not the case. Considering Marloes' record since 2007, she is NOT the next choice for a title shot OR a title eliminator fight. She was brought in last minute and as a SECOND choice for the stand in. She has openly stated she has NOT signed w SF, yet she is still saying she's next in line. Since my comeback last year, I have had more women turn down a fight with me than I can count or care to name. But Sara Kaufman, Vanessa Porto, Kelly Kobald, Yoko Takhashi (who fights everyone lol)are some of them. So my last few opponents might not have been as "experienced" as my earlier opponents, but most were undefeated, and I gave them their first losses. I cannot help if people do not want to fight me, but I refuse to fight pro debuters or girls with horrible records; its not fair to myself OR the fans.

Coenen's record since 2007 is as follows: The girls she's beaten have records as follows:

Marloes got her ass kicked UD by Roxy (who is a force in the 135 division) She just lost to a PRO DEBUTER when she was 16-2, and of course I KOd her in 2004. How would she think she deserves a shot at the title when shes not even WINNING OR beating ppl with winning records??!!

Coenen is a great fighter and a tough woman; I have much respect for her. She has been around a very long time like myself, and has definintely helped womens MMA overseas. But this is what will make womens MMA seem like a joke when ppl who are not deserving of a title shot would get it. Ive also worked my butt off for TEN YEARS to get a shot like this. SF might even have a "plan", even with all of this, and we will see....

Gina is a friend of mine and was sad to see her lose. She has single handedly helped womens MMA blow up, and I am so thankful for that. Cyborg worked very hard and she was the better fighter that night & deserved that belt. But Cyborg also showed a lot of weaknesses in her fight...and that technique, straight punches, and being a bigger fighter, give her big problems. I feel if Gina coulda been mentally tougher, she woulda won. But I am patient, and will be here no matter what. I want that fight with Cyborg and will take the title back to Las Vegas with me & keep it for a looong time to come.

Thank you to the fans & hope that helps a little bit...and more news to come

Hmm...she does have a point.  Check out the Toughill vs. Coenen fight after the jump.