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Strikeforce Results: Cris Cyborg Defeats Gina Carano Via TKO In Rd. 1

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The first round starts and they trade punches and Santos goes for a heel hook.  Santos teeing off on Carano.  Carano in trouble...Santos goes for a take down but Carano lands in the mount position.  Carano teeing off on Santos.  Carano lets Santos up.  Cyborg with a big right and a jab.  Cyborg is teeing off on Carano.  Carano with a front kick.  Cyborg with a right hand.  Carano with a good jab.  Cyborg pressing the action.  Cyborg with a take down and a punch.  Carano back up to her feet.  Carano with a big right hand.  Carano misses a nice elbow.  They clinch against the cage.  Cyborg with a take down and lands in half guard of Carano against the cage.  Cyborg with a deep Americana but Carano defends it.  Cyborg GnPing Carano and Carano is in trouble and is taking massive damage.  The referee stops the fight as the bell sounds.  There is some confusion with the bell sounding, but the fight is over and Cris Cyborg is the new Women's Strikeforce champion.  The official time is 4:59 of Rd. 1.

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