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Nick Diaz Ready To Get His Boxing On

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"Don Chargin states, "I know the signing of a mixed martial arts fighter might be considered controversial by many boxing fans across the world. When the subject of mixed martial arts versus boxing arises, it always comes down to the boxer winning a boxing match easily and vice-versa for MMA. However, after having seen the replays of Diaz's fights over the course of his career, I truly believe that this kid has what it takes to really make for some very entertaining fights within boxing. While some would state that he's merely a slugger possessing a good chin and a heavy work-rate, there's something about his rhythm and fighting intelligence that really caught my eye."

This will be interesting. Nick Diaz has an unorthodox striking style that he uses effectively to keep opponents off balance, and I think that he could rack up some wins as a pro, no question. But as far as having any hope of competing with world class boxers in their game? I don't see it. What do you all think? Any interest in seeing Diaz compete in boxing?