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Dennis Hallman Talks Matt Hughes And Isn't Turning Down Any Fights

MMAInsider caught up with Hallman to get his thoughts on re-joining the UFC roster and facing Matt Hughes a third time:

MMAInsider: So you recently signed a new deal with the UFC. The world wants to know: is this a harbinger of Hallman/Hughes 3?

Hallman: I don't think it's a harbinger. I think it's a big possibility, if the fans want to see it. I'm not turning down any fights, so if they offer it, there it is.

MMAInsider: Is it something you'd like to do? How likely do you think it is to happen?

Hallman: It's something the fans have been asking for, and I'm sure deep down in Hughes' little heart, it's something he wants, so it's something I'm not going to turn down. I don't have anything to prove there, but I'm not going to turn it down. In my opinion, I would probably expect it. No one's said anything to me, that's not the reason why it was signed, but those are options. I'm sure if enough people ask for the fight, then usually Dana and those guys listen to the Underground says, so I'm assuming it's going to happen.

Hallman gave his thoughts on how a fight with Hughes today would be different than back in the day:

I'm sure Hughes is probably going to run for the first thirty seconds at least, and it will be different after that because it will be longer than thirty seconds.

Hallman is referring to the two submission wins he has over Matt Hughes, both coming in under 25 seconds.  So would you be interested in seeing a third match between these two or what?