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UFC/MMA News And TIdbits, Signings And Releases

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There's been a lot of wheeling and dealing going on in the MMA world the past couple of days, and I haven't had a chance to cover it all.  So I thought I'd just gather some of those links and put them here for you all to check out.  However, give me your thoughts on the UFC signing Dennis Hallman who has two submission wins over Matt Hughes.  Also the possible Fitch/Almeida match up, as well as any of the other pieces of news that may interest you.  The links are below:

-Is Vladimir Matyushenko Back In The UFC?  He's listed on the fight card for UFC 103 against Igor Pokrajac.

-Dan Cramer Released From UFC Deal -- MMA FanHouse
The Ultimate Fighter 7 semifinalist Dan Cramer has been released by the UFC following his loss last Saturday at UFC 101 in Philadelphia, FanHouse has

-Veteran welterweight Dennis Hallman returning to UFC, signs four-fight deal |

-Brad Blackburn signs new four-fight UFC deal, sidelined till early 2010 after shoulder surgery |

-Tamdan McCrory released by the UFC : Five Ounces of Pain

- TIM BOETSCH TAKES FIRST STEP BACK AT KOTC - MMA WEEKLY - Mixed Martial Arts & UFC News, Photos, Rankings & more

-Jon Fitch Vs. Ricardo Almeida at UFC 106| MMAMania