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"Warriors Of The Ring" Event In Greensboro, North Carolina

Battlegroup International Presents "Warriors of the Ring", and will be taking place in Greensboro, North Carolina at the Greensboro Sportsplex at 7pm.  This is a Pro/Am event with close to 15 bouts featuring fighters from across the country. Also, for the boxing enthusiast, this event will feature some boxing matches as well.

Alsofor the readers of MMA For Real, Battlegroup International has been kind enough to extend special discount to us.  They will be offering you a special discount on general admission tickets. By calling (336) 462-9119 and telling them that MMA For Real sent youthey will be offering general admission and ringside tickets for $10 off what you can buy them for at the door Also, Charles Walker(MMA4Real Staff) will be in attendance for the show so make sure you come through and introduce yourself!  The prices are below and this special discount will be honored through 8/17/09. 

General Admission - $20 with discount

Ringside 2 (rows 3 and 4) - $40 with discount

Ringside 1 (rows 1 and 2) - $50 with discount

The tentative fight card can be found after the jump.

  • Jonathan Walker(0-0) vs. Chris Smith(0-0)
  • Corey Huie(0-1) vs. Christian Soto(0-0)
  • Keith Hulin(0-0) vs. Nghi Bui(1-3)
  • Ricardo Oliveira(0-1) vs. Me'Shack Adams(0-0)
  • Kevin Hulin(0-0) vs. Richard Riggins II(0-1)
  • Josh Leonard(4-1) vs. Daniel Terry(0-2)
  • Matthew Hawks(1-1) vs. Sebastian Wojdak(0-0)
  • William Hedgecoe(0-1) vs. Brian Moretz(0-0)
  • Ricky Ball(0-0) vs. Matt Marshall(0-1)
  • Justin Dalton(3-1) vs. Ric Humphries(3-3)
  • Marcus Thomas(0-1) vs. Enrico Magalhaes(0-0)
  • Steven Banks(4-0) vs. Anthony Johnson(0-0)