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WEC 42 Review: Jeff Curran Thinks He Was Robbed Against Takeya Mizugaki

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Jeff Curran speaks with MMAWeekly:

The object of this sport is to do damage and try to finish your opponent. Mizugaki was saved by the bell at the end of the second round and the third. The entire fight was me out-striking him from my back after he scored one takedown early in each round. Judges need to open their eyes and see who is really controlling the fight," stated Curran on Tuesday. Something needs to change because this is happening with poor judging all over the sport.

What needs to be done? Who knows, maybe judges should have better qualification courses that are ran and conducted by people that really understand our sport.

Until then, I will be training harder than ever and I will not stop. I want a rematch with Mizugaki.

I don't disagree that MMA judging overall needs to improve and become more consistent, but I don't think Jeff Curran was 'robbed'. The fight was VERY close. I actually had Mizugaki winning 29-28, but said in the open thread that the fight probably could have gone either way. Curran saying he was out-striking Mizugaki from his back may have some truth to it, but Mizugaki landed the more meaningful shots from top position. It's not often that strikes from the bottom do much damage when compared to strikes from the top. However, I understand Curran's frustration being that it was his fourth loss in a row, albeit all of them are against top tier competition.