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Anderson Silva: "No Point In Asking, I'd Never Face Lyoto"

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That's the word according to the man himself while speaking to portal das lutas:

There’s no point in even asking. Of course I would never face Lyoto. We have a code of honor and, besides being friends, we’re like brothers. It will never happen.

Of course, UFC president Dana White thinks he can make the fight happen and Silva has repeatedly stating he wants to fight the best.  So I suppose something is going to have to give at some point.  Then again, if Shogun Rua is able to defeat Lyoto Machida at UFC 104 it'll be a non issue at that point. 

Silva also spoke on people criticizing his last two performances and why he's glad they did:

I’d like to make it clear that I respect everyone. I’d like to apologize if, at some point, I was disrespectful to someone. I look to do my job and people criticize it. And they should criticize, because that’s how we become determined to fight better. That’s why I thank everyone and have great affection for everyone who’s keeping up with my career. We’re always struggling and it’s hard to be in the situation we’re in, people wanting things of us, with our personal problems, problems with the team, injuries, folks end up getting hurt… There’s a lot involved in getting ready for a challenge. But, thank God, we’re able to overcome the obstacles and come up with the results. Once again I’d like to say sorry to everyone who’s misunderstood me and I believe I would not have made it to this point without having been humble and if I’d been disrespectful to others. I’d like to end my career like this, respecting everyone else and with everyone respecting me.

So with that said, do you think Dana White can make a fight between Anderson Silva and Lyoto Machida happen?

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