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Dana White: "I Made The Decision Not To Do Blogs Anymore"

That's the word according to Dave Carmichael:

"I made the decision not to do the blogs anymore. I am the one that took them down," White said on Tuesday. "They were fun while they lasted, and thanks to everyone for the support."

Fighters Only Magazine mentions that White is known to be working on a behind-the-scenes show with HBO.  I suppose video blog footage is taking away potential footage from this show?  I wonder if this show is only dealing with the UFC aspect of what Zuffa does?  What about the WEC?  Dana White did a couple of video blogs for the Faber/Brown 2 card, but that's about it.  Maybe he should continue the blogs to promote the WEC brand more, or maybe those talks about the WEC merging into the UFC will come to fruition after all?