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WEC 42 Review: Former WEC Champ Miguel Torres Reacts To Getting Knockout By Brian Bowles

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To Wit:

"I start from the beginning again, it's going to be fun," Torres said. "I was on top for a long time. Brian's a strong guy, he hits real hard – as you can tell. It's going to be a fun road back. I don't look at this as a setback at all. It's a new challenge in my career, and it's going to be fun to beat him up the next time I fight him."  "Now I have something to look forward to, something to train for," Torres said." When you're on top for a long time, it's hard to keep pushing yourself cause you're always on top. Now that I get back on the bottom and he has the belt I have something to work for now. It's going to be a good challenge for me."

Torres seems to be implying that it was complacency at the top that was a factor in his loss to Brian Bowles.  Bowles will probably make his first defense against Dominick Cruz.  I'd imagine that Torres will be right back in the mix after a win or two.  It'll be interesting to see who they decide to match Torres up with next.  There is Joseph Benavidez who lost at WEC 42 as well that was in line for a probably title shot with a win, Damacio Page, and  Rani Yahya.  As a matter of fact let me ask who you would like for Torres to fight next?

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