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Did This Weekend Support Why A UFC/WEC Merger Is Good?

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I watched WEC 42 last night just like all the other hardcore MMA fans out there, and I thought the event was very good as usual.  We got to see the #1 and #2 fighters in the bantamweight division go at it, a potential #1 contender fight, and a couple of other fights that featured non-stop action.  There have been confirmed talks that the UFC and WEC are discussing a possible merger with the WEC being absorbed into the UFC.  The question one has to ask themselves is where was the promotion for this event?  It seemed as if this event got swallowed up and forgotten about with all of the Fedor/Strikeforce/UFC banter within the last couple of weeks.  The WEC is owned and operated by Zuffa, the parent company of the UFC, but it doesn't receive anywhere near the same promotion as its larger brother.  Did Zuffa expect fans that watched UFC 101 to tune into the WEC event the next night or something?  I guess the ratings will tell the tale on that one, and they are usually no where near what the UFC does on Spike.  I know the Versus channel doesn't reach as many homes as Spike TV, but shouldn't there be more crossover in regards to MMA fans if the WEC were promoted properly?

This weekend was a great of example of why the WEC will probably never escape the shadow of the UFC.  It'll never have the same name brand recognition that the UFC enjoys.  The WEC has grown since Zuffa acquired it, but it hasn't grown at the rate it should have in my opinion.  Those top tier lightweight WEC fighters will probably never enjoy the same limelight as say BJ Penn or even Kenny Florian for that matter.  That is, not until they are featured on a UFC event.  Did this weekend give support to why a UFC/WEC merger is good?  Build with me and I'd like to read your thoughts.        

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