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Kenny Florian: I'm More Of A Complete Fighter Than BJ Penn

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#1 contender Kenny Florian talks BJ Penn and how he feels he matches up with the UFC Lightweight champ:

I’m not sure.  I’m not sure I really believe that you have to break B.J. mentally or make him quit.  I think the key is challenging every aspect of his game and making him make those little mistakes, those little errors.  People tend to look at B.J. like he’s this god and he doesn’t make mistakes, like you just can’t beat him on the technical level.  I feel you can beat him at the technical level.  

In doing that, if he happens to fail physically or slow down, that’s going to be worse for him.  But I’m not expecting that.  If that happens then it will be a tough fight for him, for sure, but I’m expecting him to be ready to go hard for all five rounds.

Oh how he sees himself beating BJ Penn:

I think my overall game is going to be better than his.  I’m a more complete fighter.  I incorporate more of a complete striking game, whereas B.J.’s more of just a boxer.  But I have to go out and prove it on August 8.  I truly believe that I’m better everywhere and I’m a better conditioned athlete.  I feel like it’s going to be a tough fight, but I’m ready.  I’m ready for five rounds of hell.

The bolded part is the part that's I've been harping since watching Kenny Florian destroy Joe Stevenson.  It's true, because Penn rarely throws kicks and relies on his boxing for the majority of his strikes.  Whereas Florian uses a much more varied attack in his stand up game.  Do you think Florian has a shot and upsetting the "Prodigy"? 

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