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Report: Ricardo Arona vs. Marvin Eastman In Brazilian Event In September

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According to a report the former PRIDE standout and submission specialist, once a top ten light heavyweight in the world will be making his return to MMA following a 2 year layoff.  He mentioned that he would be returning in September, but didn't say who he would be facing a few weeks back.  Now we know that he'll be facing UFC veteran Marvin "The Beastman" Eastman in September.  Marvin Eastman had been fighting as a middleweight since his exit from the UFC, but I'm pretty sure this fight will take place at 205.  I don't see Arona being able to make 185.  I'm sure he'll try to string together a couple of wins against some 'named' opponents to stir interest from the larger organizations like the UFC and Strikeforce.