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Quoteworthy: Dan Hardy Thinks A Fight With Carlos Condit Would Be A Step Back?

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Dan Hardyspeaking with MMAinsider:

"Realistically, he probably does have a slight advantage on the ground if you look at his record, because he has a lot more submissions than I have. But for my last three fights, I've been destined to get my ass kicked by every one of them and it hasn't happened yet, so at some point people are going to stop doubting me and realize that I'm not such a pushover."  He's coming off a loss and I'm coming off three wins, so I don't know whether the UFC will see that as a viable fight for me," he said. "Maybe he should get someone like Davis next, I don’t know. I really don’t know what value it would be to me, to be honest, apart from being fun."

 What?  I guess Hardy failed to realize that Condit was on a 8 fight win streak prior to the Kampmann loss in his UFC debut.  Which was a razor close decision that could have easily gone in Condit's favor.  Condit's been recoginzed by most as a top ten WW for quite a while now.  I think it would be a great fight, and Hardy implies the same sentiments.  However,  he makes it seem as if Condit is a scrub now after the loss to Kampmann.  What say you?