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This Week In MMA Recap

There were a lot of interesting things happening in the world of MMA as we approach the UFC 100 landmark event.  We had intriguing matchups unofficially announced, Zuffa announcing a TV deal in China and Mexico, and of course non-stop coverage of UFC 100 and more.  Let's take a look at the world of MMA:

-Zuffa Continues To Gain Market Share Globally - MMA For Real

-Shane Carwin vs. Cain Velasquez at UFC 104 - MMA For Real

-Fighters Only Magazine - The World's Greatest MMA Magazine - News - Report: CroCop signing for UFC after getting "offer he cannot refuse"

-Diego Sanchez Will Get The Winner Of Kenny Florian/BJ Penn For A Shot At UFC Lightweight Title - MMA For Real

-WEC | World Extreme Cagefighting-WEC 42 Announced

-UFC® : Ultimate Fighting Championship®- 4 Grappling Superfights At UFC 100 Fan Expo