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MMA4Real's Why Do Fighters Do Or Don't Do These Things During Fights?

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If you are like me, I know you have watched MMA before and said stuff to yourself like, "Why doesn't he do this?"  "Why in the world did he do that?"  This post was inspired by the fanpost that I made in regards to fighters hitting the pads, and not implementing those same techniques in the actual fight.  So I started thinking of all the times I've been watching fights and asked the questions above.  I came up with the following:

  • Why do fighters that have clearly lost the first two rounds(in a non title fight) not go for broke more often in the final round?  I mean you gonna lose the judges the decision right?  What do you have to lose by trying to take your opponent out?  
  • Why do fighters that get taken down get full guard on their opponent only to not come close to getting a submission the entire the same thing in round 2 and 3?  I'm like if you want a different result gotta do something you haven't tried yet.
  • I mentioned this earlier...why does fighter A pin fighter B against the cage while standing...and never unleash devastating combinations while the fighter is still up against the cage?  I know the threat of a take down is there, but I swear major damage could be done a lot of the times when fighter B is in a defensive position.
  • Why do fighter NEVER listen to their corner-men?  Fighter A will shoot for a take down only to get stuffed by Fighter B, leaving Fighter A vulnerable to knees.  The corner-man shouts KNEES, but fighter A NEVER throws them?
  • Why don't more fighters execute take downs so that they land in side control instead of their opponents guard?  I've mentioned this with Jon Jones and the way he executed take downs against Stephan Bonnar.  He landed in side control like every time.
  • When the ten count sound is made near the end of a round, why don't more fighters flurry in rounds that are really close to try and steal that round or something?

These are just some of the things that I had on my mind.  Feel free to add your own on or expand on the ones I've mentioned.  I'll probably be back with more in the comments section.