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WEC Expanding Its Reach With WEC 42

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According to MMAWeekly:

World Extreme Cagefighting vice president Peter Dropick on Tuesday announced that the promotion would take another big step towards expanding the company’s reach into foreign markets. WEC 42, which takes place at the new Joint in the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, will be available outside of North America as a web-based broadcast.

The web broadcast will be the same English language feed that airs live in the United States on the Versus network. It will air outside of North America on both and and cost $9.99.

"Based on some international demand that we’ve seen, specifically coming out of Japan, WEC will be shown live internationally on our website along with," stated Dropick.

So this is essentially a small PPV for interested international fans?  I think this is a good move instead of going with a full fledged PPV as the WEC was rumored to do months ago.  I mean they are not going to make money hand over fist, but it could yield some small profits and help further determine where the WEC fanbase is extending to.  It may be enough to raise their fight bonuses to like 15K or something and that's a start. 

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