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UFC 101 Preview: Forrest Griffin Talks Anderson Silva And Re-Matching Tito Ortiz

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Ariel Helwani interviews Griffin about what a win over Anderson Silva would mean to him:

Man, you know, I don't care. It's a bit of a faux pas, you know to think ... I mean, I just want to not die. I just want to be alive on August 9, and then I'll be happy. If I could win that fight, I'll probably just never fight again. I'll probably just retire, and say I was the greatest ever. F**k all you, b**ches.

 Griffin with his typical attempt at being funny.  I like his chances of beating Anderson Silva.  What say you?

Griffin talks a re-match with Tito Ortiz:

 Yeah, I think me and Tito would be a good fight. I think it would be a good seller. I know I want to fight him; I'm pretty sure he wants to fight me. So I think there'd be two guys with pretty decent names that could maybe put some a**es in seats.

Griffin and Ortiz fought way back at UFC 59 with Ortiz winning a razor close decision.  This was Ortiz's first fight back after re-signing with the UFC, and he unleashed his patented GnP enroute to a dominating first round which saw the Griffin bloody and battered when the bell sounded.  However, Griffin was able to stuff most of Ortiz's take downs from that point on and keep the fight on the feet where he enjoyed some success.