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Alistair Overeem Hopes To Fight In September Or Early October

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Press release courtesy of MMAInsider:

My preparations for my fight in Strikeforce August 15th against Fabricio Werdum were not going as planned.

As many people know there was an incident, were I injured my hand just before I should have fought in the June Strikeforce event! Therefore I was advised to take some rest and this was not easy for me.

When I signed the deal with Strikeforce, I was happy and motivated and this motivation drove me to pick up my training too soon after my hand injury, I thought there may be a chance to still fight in the June Strikeforce event. Now I have to pay the price for that decision and am not able to fight August 15th. This is a decision that has not been easy to make, I am a professional and I want to fight for my living, honour and because I love it!

In 2008 I felt really strong in the heavyweight division and I feel I have brought my fighting to a higher level!

I know I can continue to develop my skills and become a better fighter!

I feel very disappointed that I can not work towards this goal yet because of an injury!

First I want to get my level back from my "demolition period of 2008." This will take a few months, I hope to be ready at the end of September, or the beginning of October, then we can see a vicious and hungry Alistair Overeem, more aggressive then ever!

For sure I will fight in October, maybe in Dream or Strikeforce. I definitely do not want to miss fighting for Golden Glory's 10 year anniversary on October 17th at the PTA Hallen in Amsterdam.

I do not really care against who or where I fight, but I want to be fit and ready!

When I am ready I am more than willing to fight Werdrum for the heavyweight title in Strikeforce!

Sincerely Alistair Overeem

Now, I'm a fan of Overeem but I think it's crazy that he even considers fighting for DREAM or any other promotion before defending his Strikeforce title(which he won in 2007).  Especially since he was scheduled to defend the title in August.  See, this is the problem with having non-exclusive contracts for all those folk that thought that was going to be the future of MMA a couple of years ago.  If he doesn't defend his Strikeforce title in his next fight, Overeem should be stripped in my opinion and let Brett Rogers and Fabricio Werdum fight for the interim title.  Thoughts?