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M-1 President Vadim Finkelchtein Doesn't Want Fedor In The UFC

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To Wit:

"This is the moment of truth that the UFC has talked about. Fedor and I are here in the States. If they want to come out and fly here, we are ready to conduct negotiations. Of course it still doesn’t imply we are ready to accept any conditions they’ll throw at us. We want to talk to the UFC about having Fedor compete against some of their fighters, but only within the framework of co-promotional efforts with M-1 Global."

Do these guys not realize that they have absolutely NO leverage whatsoever in regards to negotiations?  If the UFC wasn't going to co-promote with M-1 a year ago, what makes them think things have changed now?  The UFC now has ALL the leverage right now.  Check it:

  • Where else is Fedor going to fight besides Japan?
  • Where else is Fedor going to fight top heavyweights?
  • Where else is Fedor going to make insane amounts of money?(ok, he probably would in Japan).

M-1 isn't bring anything to the table except Fedor and from a business sense, that's not very much in the grand scheme of things.  He doesn't speak English, he has no charisma, and casual fans don't really know who he is.  The UFC would have to put a lot of marketing dollars behind him just to help him sell some PPV's against Brock Lesnar.  Then if he lost to Lesnar in his first UFC fight, it would all be for nothing pretty much.  These M-1 guys don't seem to be willing to make ANY concessions with their demands.  Whereas, Lorenzo Fertitta has said that they would allow Fedor to compete in Sambo competitions, which was one of the sticking points in earlier negotiations.  Read on after the jump for my suggests to get Fedor in the UFC.

If Finkelchtein really wanted Fedor in the UFC, he wouldn't even say what he said in my opinion.  He might as well have not said anything about wanting to negotiate, because the latter part of his sentence pretty indicated that he didn't from my point of view.  Here's what I suggest they do:

  • Have Fedor sign a 4 fight EXCLUSIVE contract with the first fight being a title shot
  • Fedor is allowed to do Sambo competitions as long as they don't interfere with upcoming fights
  • If Fedor comes to the UFC and goes 4-0 he can do whatever he wants to do afterwards including leaving the UFC(He would be undoubtedly the Greatest Of ALL Time so creating a interim HW title wouldn't be so bad at that point).  I mean they used the an interim HW title for the past year anyways right?
  • OR they could have a retirement clause in his contract if he went undefeated in the UFC.  He wouldn't have anything left to prove, and the UFC could pay him a lump sum to stay retired or something

I mean that would be pretty fair right?  He would fight in the UFC, do Sambo, get paid handsomely, and not be bind-ed by the champion's clause to renew his contract provided he won every fight.  Build with me.