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Quoteworthy: Junior Santos Wants To Knock Out Mirko Cro Cop At UFC 103

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Junior dos Santos talks to Tatame about facing Mirko Cro Cop at UFC 103:

I train a lot of Boxing, I like the striking a lot and I’ll go after another knockout. What I want is the knockout", says Cigano, who can show his Jiu-Jitsu for the first time in the Ultimate, but will prefer to fight standing. "I’m training a lot of ground, a lot of Wrestling. This guy is dangerous standing, but I’m going after the knockout, as always. With the opportunity, I’ll show my ground too", revealed the fighter, excited for the fight against another former Pride star.

I'm so hyped for this fight, and I to am happy that dos Santos will be facing Cro Cop instead of Justin McCully. Dos Santos says he wants it to be a stand up war and I'm sure Cro Cop would prefer that as well. Both guys have KO power, so it's possible this one will not make it to the judges. Who you got taking this one?