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Rampage Jackson: "King Mo Is All Butt Hurt"

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Rampage blogs via Fighthype:

Now this punk ass dude named King Mo is all butt hurt because I don't know who the hell he is.  Straight up, if you are not one of my friends or fighting one of my friends or a potential later opponent, I might not get a chance to watch your fight.  So I didn't know who the hell King Mo was & now he is crying like a little girl.  Now this guy is running his mouth, but if I was him, I would shut the hell up because he seriously don't want none.

We posted the youtube video of Rampage Jackson and King Mo talking smack a week or so ago.  You can check it out here if you missed it.  I think King Mo is a free agent now, but is scheduled to fight Don Frye on the M-1 "Breakthrough" card in August.  He's fought over in Japan and has become a crowd favorite with his entrances and "King" character.  It'll be interesting to see if he wants to leave all that and join the UFC where the majority of the best LHW's in the world are.  He's stated in previous interviews that the 'paper'(money) will pretty much dictate where he fights.  The video is classic though, because you rarely see two people bold enough to talk smack like that face to face.  Rampage is probably a little too much for King Mo at this point in my opinion, but with a few more fights to get some seasoning, it could be something to look forward to.  Would you be interested?