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Possible Fallout From The Collapse Of Affliction Entertainment

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There were quite a few supporters of Affliction Entertainment.  I was one of them as they provided a few fights that we probably never would have witnessed had it not been for them.  However, I was never a fan of the way they went about conducting business when it came to putting on shows.  The collapse of Affliction could be looked at as both good and bad I suppose.  However, the fighters that were scheduled to fight on the 3rd Affliction show lost more than anyone and that sucks.  These guys have been training for months only to get a week away from the show and it gets canceled.  It'll be interesting to see where they end up.

  • I think the biggest question is where will Fedor end up next?  He didn't even know that the show got canceled until he landed in California.  Will he go to the UFC, Strikeforce, or back to Japan.  Then again he could always retire I suppose, or fight for M-1.  I don't think Strikeforce will pursue him, and if he goes back to Japan who would he fight there?  With Barnett testing positive for PED's, the only meaningful fights for Fedor are in the UFC now.
  • Vitor Belfort will probably find his way to the UFC as a middleweight in my opinion.
  • Will Josh Barnett even fight again?
  • Where will Takanori Gomi end up fighting next since he supposedly signed with Affliction to fight on the "Trilogy" card?
  • Where will fighters like Jay Hieron, Gegard Mousasi, Jorge Santiago, Paul Buentello, and all the others end up?
  • Could Strikeforce position itself to be the #2 MMA promotion with key acquisitions from the Affliction roster?

The odds are that Zuffa will pick and choose who they want to sign and get those fighters.  I suppose the majority of the rest of the fighters will go to Strikeforce or back to Japan.  I know fighters like Gegard Mousasi still have obligations to DREAM, so it'll be interesting to see how those fighters are handled.  I don't think Barnett will ever fight in America again, unless his "B" sample comes back negative or something.  Who would you like to see Strikeforce and the UFC pick up roster wise?  Build with me.

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