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This Week In MMA Link Dump

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I'll say this without question was the craziest week in MMA history in regards to just news changing like the wind among other things.  I was traveling yesterday only to come back to the UFC/Affliction news that was broken on the MMA4Real Official Podcast Lights Out Radio.  I was really at a loss for words, simply because there was so much to digest and still a great deal of vagueness in regards to what will actually transpire in the next week or so.  Dana White will be out of the country this week, but will hold a press conference with some 'major announcements'.  I've heard their will be several announcements, but one huge annoucement beyond those.  So it'll be interesting to find out what that is.  Below you'll find links to all the major stories that happened this week in MMA.  Stay tuned to MMA4Real as we watch the sport of MMA transform right in front of our eyes.  Also, feel free to drop your thoughts on things in the comments section.  We'd love to hear from you, and also remember that you can follow MMA4Real on twitter and get podcasts of the Lights Out Radio Show on the left hand sidebar of the site.