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Quoteworthy: WEC Bantamweight Champ Miguel Torres Talks Floyd Mayweather And Money

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 Miguel Torres did a great interview with Cagewriter and spoke on a variety of things, in particular Floyd Mayweather and getting paid:

Do you think you'd be a draw on a pay-per-view card?

I think I'd be a draw, it just depends on how they market it. I mean, I could put her (a woman in the gym) on a pay-per-view to fight Cyborg, and if nobody knows anything about her, no one is going to care. But if I did a whole 24/7 kind of show, or about him (another person in the gym), on how he's going to fight Fedor, everyone's going to watch it, because they make it interesting. It's all on how you market your fighters.

Everyone hates Mayweather, because of how they portrayed him on 24/7. He's the cockiest, ghettoest dude you can look at. And he's so cocky, so arrogant, everyone wants to see him lose. The other guy looks like a hero. The other guy could be nothing, but Mayweather looks so cocky, so arrogant, you want to see him lose, and you will watch for that very reason. If they market their fighters in a similar fashion, they could make guys into superstars like that.

It's funny that you bring up Mayweather. Did you --

I would love to fight Mayweather, just because of the simple fact that I think he's a cocky asshole.

He thinks that MMA was invented by white people because they couldn't win in boxing any more.

Well, I'm not a white person, and I will smash his ass. I don't care. His style of boxing is all built on getting people in the clinch. He'll hit them, and then he'll get in the clinch with them. Then the referee breaks them, and he'll hit them and grab them again. I think it's a great strategy. It's not clean boxing, but it's smart boxing. He's going to hit somebody and grab them in MMA, and he'll be done for. They'll take him down. That'll be all. I'll be on top of the list to fight him.

It'll never happen, but I would pay to see Torres/Mayweather in a heartbeat.  This also continues a steady diet of high profile WEC fighters speaking about fighter pay within the last month or so.  Both Mike Brown and Urijah Faber have been outspoken about it lately.  Hopefully with all the things Zuffa are accomplishing lately, promoting the WEC brand will be one of those higher priorities.

HT: Cagewriter