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Live updates: Dana White on ESPN Radio 1100 in Las Vegas

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Dana White is currently on ESPN Radio 1100 in Las Vegas with Kevin Iole of Yahoo! Sports and Mike DiSabato of CageFighter. Here are live updates from the show.

On Tito Ortiz:

"Tito and I have been talking and we've been trying to see if we can figure things out."

"It's a possibility."

White says he is working with Mandalay Bay to basejump off the building. He said he'd do this if UFC 100 reached 1.5 million buys on pay per view. This should be a good indication that it reached or surpassed that mark.

White is comparing his business model to that of WWE in terms of royalties, etc., and how fighters will continue to receive royalties for life, whereas in boxing, there is none of that.

On today's events: "Affliction hasn't made any real announcement yet. I've said this for a long time: these guys are good at making clothes. They're not in the fight business, we're in the fight business."

"There's going to be a lot of interesting things happening over the next couple of weeks. We've got a lot of big deals in the works." 

White says they'll be in Boston soon.

On going to Japan: "Our goal was to keep PRIDE alive and running over there."

"The mafia over there is keeping us out of Japan. It's a whole other world over it. It's tough to navigate through Japan."

"It's rough to do business over there."

On Fedor: "We're trying now and if you want it to happen, I want it to happen."

"It drives me crazy that people put him in the pound-for-pound."

"(If we sign him) he'll fight for the title first."

"A lot more people will know him once he gets in the UFC."

"Fedor has a ton of experience but you can't take anything away from Brock Lesnar. Very good wrestlers do very well in mixed martial arts. It's a very interesting fight."

"If Randy can go out and cut that deal with Fedor, Randy, get to work brother."

White turns 40 on July 28.

On Franklin/Henderson II: My job is to put on fights the fans want to see, so hang tight, stick around and stay tuned.

On UFC 101: "I've never seen BJ in this type of shape before ... we're going to see a very interesting fight."

On Affliction/big news: "I'm going out of the country tomorrow. I'm going to be back Thursday. I'm going to have a press conference when I get back on Friday ... we're going to have a laundry list of things to talk about."