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Welcome Back Tito!

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Earlier today Dana White issued the following statement via his Twitter account:

"I am going on espn 1100 in vegas at 6pm. I will be talking anything mma. Call in number is 702 364 1100! Oh yea and welcome back tito :)"

Even though "The Huntington Beach Bad Boy" has been on a losing streak of late, he is supposedly healthy for the first time in quite awhile thanks to his recent back surgery. Also, he does have a win over Forrest Griffin and a draw against Rashad Evans, both former light heavyweight world champions. And he did fare much better against current light heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida than most have in recent memory. And it also can't be discounted how of a PPV draw Ortiz may still be. What are your thoughts on what appears to be the imminent return of the former light heavyweight champion of the world? Any interest?