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Is Frank Mir Jealous Of Brock Lesnar?

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Frank Mir had this to say in regards to Brock Lesnar post-UFC 100:

If I were a parent who was watching this for the first time, I wouldn't want by children to be involved in this. I almost didn't want to be involved in this." Yeah, because any responsible parent would otherwise want their children involved in this.

Mir said he refuses to accept any apology from Lesnar because he believes that was his true nature. Mir said he doesn't like how Lesnar insults people, saying "I think he's an extraordinary insecure person who isn't very smart to begin with and he insulted all those people," and said Lesnar's fight strategy was "cowardly" and "one dimensional." He also said Lesnar was a big fat (yes) guy who doesn't have nearly the athleticism he possesses."

I seriously can't believe Mir is saying this, but then again Mir is very good at running off at the mouth.  We got to see that firsthand during the Countdown To UFC 100 show.  The only reason a parent wouldn't want their children to get involved in something like that is they would probably be afraid their child would be the Frank Mir in the fight.  I just don't see how he can't understand Lesnar's POV after ALL the smack he talked about Lesnar.  Maybe he does and this is just his insecurity talking?  Also, to say that Lesnar's fight strategy was 'cowardly' is absolutely absurd.  Let's take a look at this.

Mir is supposed to be one of the best heavyweight submission artists in the world right?  Didn't Mir defeat Lesnar by submission during their first encounter?  Ok.  So how is it cowardly when a guy goes right back at your bread and butter and absolutely destroys you?  Somebody educate me on this.

HT:  Wrestling Observer via Bloodyelbow