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Strikeforce: Alistair Overeem Has To Withdraw From Fight With Fabricio Werdum

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MMAFanhouse with the news:

"[Mike] Afromowitz (Strikeforce director of communications) said that the reason for the withdrawal was that the hand infection Overeem suffered following his May altercation in an Amsterdam nightclub has not fully healed.

Afromowitz added that Fabricio Werdum is still scheduled to compete on the card, but no opponent has officially been signed."

Man this is a tough break for Strikeforce.  They finally get their HW champion on a card to defend the belt, and then this happens.  Well, at least Werdum will remain on the card and it'll be interesting to see who they match him up with.  Brett Rogers is out there :).  It's been two years since Overeem won the belt and he hasn't defended it yet.  I think Strikeforce should create an interim title or something.