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Quoteworthy: WEC Featherweight Champ Mike Brown Talks Jose Aldo And Possible UFC Return

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Mike Brown spoke with about why he wanted to face Jose Aldo next:

I wanted the fight with Aldo because he’s the most exciting and he best fighter in the WEC, everyone knows him and he’s knocking everybody out, so that’s what the fans want. I just want big fights. I expect a very tough fight and I don’t think it’ll go on five rounds.

I'm excited about this fight, because I'm curious about Brown being willing to stand with Aldo.  If not, I wonder if Aldo can stuff Brown's take downs and keep it on the feet.  I know Aldo is a BJJ blackbelt, but I don't think he wants to be on his back against someone the size of Brown.

Brown also spoke on a possible UFC return:

Do you plan coming back to lightweight and fight in the UFC?


Yes, I will, because the money is better. I’m a better featherweight, but I want big fights… Lightweight has bigger fights and more money, I just want the most for my career.


How do you think would be a fight between you and BJ?


It’d be a very hard fight, but I just come out, go crazy…

A lot of people don't know that Brown has fought once in the UFC, losing to Genki Sudo via submisson.  Do you think Brown could compete with BJ Penn at 155?  Sound off in the comments section.