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So Is Tito Ortiz Possibly Considering Rich Franklin A 'Warm Up' Fight?

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The rumors are running rampant about Tito Ortiz re-signing with the UFC and headlining UFC 103 against Rich Franklin. Franklin was once rumored to be taking on up and comer Luiz Cane, but those rumors have seemed to have subsided now. Franklin is a decent PPV draw, but he is no Chuck Liddell in that right. A fight with Cane, although attractive to most knowledgeable fans, would probably not do as well as Franklin/Ortiz. In fact, I know that wouldn't be the case. They could hype that fight as Ortiz coming back hometo the octagon, coupled with Ortiz's ability to sell his fights and they have a winner. The rest of UFC 103 looks really good on paper.

Not to mention UFC 103 will be battling boxing's Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s return to the ring on that weekend. Dana White seems to have taken what Mayweather has said personally, and could very well sign Ortiz to help boost those PPV numbers.

The only thing is Ortiz is coming off of major back surgery, and has stated numerous times that he would like 1-2 ‘warm up' fights before getting back in there against the best the sport has to offer. Also, Franklin is a top ten light heavyweight in his own right in my opinion anyways. Would Tito Ortiz dare think that Rich Franklin is a ‘warm up' fight with Ortiz being out of action for over a year and a half? One thing is for certain though, in that Ortiz loves the spotlight and the money and the UFC can offer both. Those factors could certainly outweigh any thoughts of Ortiz taking a 'warm up' fight. How interested are you in Tito Ortiz coming back to the UFC?