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Quoteworthy: Dana White Says "I'm The Guy With The Road Map"

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via Yahoo Sports:

"Idiotic," he said. "Nobody wants this [expletive] job, believe me. You better love this job to do it."

"Here’s what I believe," he said. "I’m the guy with the road map. I’m the guy who knows where I want to go with this thing. I know what my end game is. I know where it is.

"When this thing is a sport, all over the entire world, and you can take the UFC to any city in any country, just like soccer, then I did it. I did what I set out to do. That’s why I was put on this planet. That’s my job, my destiny, whatever the [expletive] you want to call it."


Dana White is apparently still simmering over the ESPN E:60 piece that aired in May, basically asking if he's the one to take MMA higher than it is right now.  I'll say this, White has a lot of short comings.  However, having the drive, work ethic, and sacrifice to make the UFC/MMA a global sport isn't one of them.  Give us your thoughts on the UFC president.