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UFC 100 Preview: Alan Belcher Wants To Make A Statement Against Akiyama

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Belcher recently spoke with MMAWeekly:

"I always look at the pros and cons of every situation; I don’t like to make the mistakes I have in the past and try and get confident over one little thing," he said. "I know my advantages, but I think they’re kind of slim, and I’m going to have to work hard and especially to win the way I want to. I want to make a statement."

"I still don’t think I’ve hit my full potential, and I think this could be my breakthrough fight," he said. "Every time I’m getting more aggressive and letting it go, so I’m going to try to finish him and be really mean and aggressive.

"I’m definitely not going down as someone’s stepping stone."

I just spoke about the possible storyline coming out of this Belcher/Akiyama fight.  Belcher is a tough fighter to gauge at times.  I mean he comes out and beats Denis Kang and Jorge Santiago, but has lost to fighters like Jason Day and other mediocre competition in the past.  I wouldn't put it past him beating Akiyama, since he's only fought twice in the past year or so against mediocre competition himself.  As I mentioned this fight could have big implications if Zuffa is serious about holding shows in the Far East. 

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