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DREAM.10 Live Commentary, Discussion & Results

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Matt Bishop and Forrest Lynn were live Monday morning for commentary and discussion of DREAM.10, which was headlined by the semifinals and final of the Welterweight Grand Prix.

The event is now over. Live play-by-play and scoring is contained inside.


Tarec Saffiedine d. Seichi Ikemoto (unanimous decision)

Marius Zaromskis d. Hayato Sakurai (KO - Strikes) R1

Jason High d. Andre Galvao (split decision)

Katsunori Kikuno d. Andre Dida (TKO - Strikes) R1 3:47

Paulo Filho d. Melvin Manhoef (Submission - Armbar) R1

Jesse Taylor d. Dong-Sik Yoon (Submission - Injury) R1 1:12

Shinya Aoki d. Vitor Ribeiro (unanimous decision)

Marius Zaromskis d. Jason High (KO - Kick) R1

DREAM.10 coverage

Reminders: Refresh frequently for the latest updates. Also, remember that DREAM scores the bouts on the entirety, not by round. We'll provide round-by-round scoring to gauge how the fight is going. 

Welterweight Grand Prix reserve bout:

Seichi Ikemoto vs. Tarec Saffiedine

Round 1 Highlights: Ref break from the clinch 45 seconds in. Nice leg kick by Saffiedine. More clinch work. Knees to the body by Ikemoto. Broken up again. Nice combo by Saffiedine. Punch/kick combo by Saffiedine. Ikemoto takedown attempt is stuffed nicely. Double punch connects for Ikemoto. Spinning back fist just misses for Ikemoto. Saffiedine lands a weak high kick but falls and Ikemoto enters his guard. Ikemoto landing some nice GNP. Ikemoto lands some nice shots to the body while standing in the guard. Into half-guard. Saffiedine drives up to his feet and they clinch against the ropes. Double punch gets through for Ikemoto. Saffiedine drills Ikemoto with a punch and a knee but Ikemoto clinches. Uppercut lands for Saffiedine. Saffiedine taking over here.

Matt Bishop scores the round for Tarec Saffiedine

Forrest Lynn scores the round DRAW

Round 2 Highlights: A right lands over the top for Saffiedine. Left straight finds its way through for Saffiedine. Two overhand rights connect for Saffiedine.Saffiedine misses an uppercut and Ikemoto tries for a takedown but ends up on the bottom. Saffiedine into half-guard with 110 seconds to go. Into side mount. He mounts with 55 seconds left. Ikemoto tries to buck and it works and he goes for a leglock but Saffiedine escapes. Ikemoto on top with 30 seconds to go. Ikemoto lands a few shots but nothing large.

Matt Bishop scores the fight for Tarec Saffiedine

Forrest Lynn scores the fight for Tarec Saffiedine

Official decision: Tarec Saffiedine by unanimous decision


Welterweight Grand Prix semifinal:

Hayato "Mach" Sakurai vs. Marius Zaromskis

Round 1 Highlights: They go at it early. Sakurai landing hard shots. Zaromskis tags Mach. Zaromskis lands two hard shots and a flying knee and Sakurai clinches. Crazy shots early. Referee breaks them. Mach landing again. Sakurai gets a takedown in the corner. The referee restarts them in the center of the ring. Sakurai in half guard. Zaromskis gets up. Zaromskis stuffs a takedown.Sakurai breathing hard. They are landing power shots. Sakurai is cut. He tags Zaromskis twice and the referee stops the fight to check the cut. They are taking their time with this one. The fight will continue. High kick drops Mach and some follow up ends it!

Marius Zaromskis d. Hayato Sakurai (KO - Strikes) R1


Welterweight Grand Prix semifinal:

Jason High vs. Andre Galvao

Round 1 Highlights: High takes him down, Galvao reverses immediately and then High gets on top. Galvao looking for a sweep. Back to the feet. A left hand drops Galvao but High can't follow up. He's back in half-guard. Galvao going for a kneebar switches to a toe hold back to a kneebar. He's got it. High is paitent and escapes and Galvao ends up on top halfway through the round. Galvao in half guard. Galvao takes High's back. Body triangle locked in. Now Galvao is paitent looking for an opening. Softening him up with strikes. Galvao trying to lock it in. It's close. High pries the hands loose with 2:30 to go. Galvao switches back to mount. High gives his back up again. Back to mount. Galvao setting up an arm triangle but they're parallel with the ropes. One minute left. High holding him tight briefly. High gives up his back. Galvao looking for the RNC again. Back to mount. High gives up his back. Galvao goes for an armbar right as the bell rings. High somehow survives.

Matt Bishop scores the round for Andre Galvao

Forrest Lynn scores the round for Andre Galvao

Round 2 Highlights: High kick lands for High and Galvao is hurt. High goes into the guard but quickly backs out. Galvao is breathing heavy. High lands some more and Galvao runs out. Galvao drops to his back and High doesn't follow on the urging of his corner. Galvao lands a nice shot that sends High back. One minute left and High needs to do something. Galvao lands a hook. Body kick for High. Another body kick for High. That's it.

Matt Bishop scores the fight for Andre Galvao

Forrest Lynn scores the fight for Andre Galvao

Official decision: Jason High by split decision


Katsunori Kikuno vs. Andre Dida

Round 1 Highlights: Dida airing it out early and drops him 23 seconds in. Kikuno standing straight up with his chin straight up. Now neither is doing anything. This is Shamrock-Severn. Now they get going. Maybe not. Referee stops and issues warnings less than three minutes in. Now Kikuno gets going and lands some shots, gets a takedown right into mount. Dida gives up his back and Kikuno is blasting away and that's it. Wow.

Katsunori Kikuno d. Andre Dida (TKO - Strikes) R1 3:47


Melvin Manhoef vs. Paulo Filho

Round 1 Highlights: These two are ready to pounce. Referee has to push Manhoef back to his corner twice. Manhoef stuffs a takedown and starts throwing bombs. Filho gets away and clinches and Manhoef is just teeing off. He drops Filho in the corner and ends up on top. Vicious flurry by Manhoef. Manhoef is half guard. Manhoef staying down there and finally backs away. Manhoef lands a big uppercut but is taken down and immediately mounted. Filho setting up his armbar and he has it and it's over.

Paulo Filho d. Melvin Manhoef (Submission - Armbar) R1



MMA legend Kazushi Sakuraba comes out to the ring. The HDNet commentators decide just to talk over it instead of letting their translator tell us what Saku is saying. A complete joke. A few minutes later they say Sakuraba gave himself permission to fight Yoshihiro Akiyama again.


Dong Sik Yoon vs. Jesse Taylor

Round 1 Highlights: Taylor takes him down and ends up on his back and goes into side mount. Taylor takes his back again and puts the hooks in. Yoon gets out and Taylor is in side control and Yoon verbally submits due to an injury to his left leg.

Jesse Taylor d. Dong-Sik Yoon (Submission - Injury) R1 1:12

They show a replay of Taylor taking Yoon down from the back and Yoon's ankle folding over itself. Guy Mezger speculates a dislocated or broken ankle. They stretcher Yoon off.


Shinya Aoki vs. Vitor Ribeiro

Round 1 Highlights: Aoki throwing some kicks. Good right by Ribeiro. Two minutes in and neither man has thought of a takedown. A right makes its way through for Shaolin. Aoki with a Thai clinch but he's late on the draw. Aoki wearing out Shaolin's right elbow with these middle kicks. Shaolin wades in and clinches in the corner. Aoki lands a nice right breaking away. Halfway through and this is a kickboxing match. Certainly not what was seen from K-1 MAX last week, however. Shaolin catches a kick and sends Aoki reeling a bit with a punch (half slip). Nice jab by Shaolin. Referee stops the fight and asks Aoki for more action. Shaolin catches a kick and tries for a takedown but Aoki defends. Another middle kick hits the arm for Aoki. Shaolin shoots for a single but Aoki defends again in the corner. Nice balance. Aoki lands a few more good shots as the round comes to a close.

Matt Bishop scores the round for Shinya Aoki

Forrest Lynn scores the round for Shinya Aoki

Round 2 Highlights: Shaolin starts the round with a nice jab. Aoki lands a flying knee and takes Shaolin's back. They go to the ground for a half second and get back up. Aoki stuffs another takedown. Shaolin lands a shot and Aoki lands some knees from the Thai clinch. Aoki catches Shaolin with a knee coming in and they finally go to the ground with Shaolin in Aoki's guard with 2:35 to go. Aoki keeping him tight. Referee restarts them in the center of the ring. Aoki immediately goes to rubber guard. Shaolin lands some punches, nothing major, as we hit 60 seconds remaining. Aoki back to rubber guard and he gives it up. That'll do it.

Matt Bishop scores the fight for Shinya Aoki

Forrest Lynn scores the fight for Shinya Aoki

Official decision: Shinya Aoki by unanimous decision


Welterweight Grand Prix Final:

Marius Zaromskis vs. Jason High

Round 1 Highlights: Zaromskis tries a jumping knee immediately. High takes him down but Zaromskis gets saved by the ropes. High gets a nice trip takedown into full guard. Zaromskis pushes up and High ends up on bottom but they're quickly back up. High kick flattens High out cold. He was out before he hit the ground.

Marius Zaromskis d. Jason High (KO - Kick) R1 (New DREAM Welterweight Champion)