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Shogun Rua Thinks "Patience" Is The Key To Beating Lyoto Machida

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Shogun spoke with MMAWeekly:

"Most of the guys that fought Lyoto… found a problem with patience, with finding the right moment to attack, or to counter-strike him," he said. "Some guys try to rush it too much; some guys try to stay too patient, (and) they start to get nervous because of that.


"I think the key is the timing of the fight, to get the feeling of when to engage and when to counter-strike him. This is likely the key, to find the pace and the rhythm, mostly the timing of the strikes to be able to connect and to make it a fight. For sure, I’m going to concentrate on that and develop a good strategy."

It'll be interesting to see how patient Shogun can be with his aggressive style.  However, Machida has started to show more and more aggression with each and every fight in the octagon, which could make this a very exciting fight.  It'll be Shogun's Muay Thai vs. Machida Karate for the most part.  What are your 'x-factors' in this one?